What are your hours?

 Monday - Thursday 6am - 8pm

 Friday 6am - 10pm

 Saturday 8am - 9pm

Sunday 10am - 6pm

What kind of coffee do you serve?

Grounds Cafe and Raleigh Coffee Company has partnered with a family run coffee farm Guatemala, Dos Niñas Coffee Importers. The beans are roasted locally by Raleigh Coffee Company. Our beans are always fresh! You can only find this roast of coffee at Grounds Cafe. Learn more about our partnership in this article written by Triangle Explorer 


Do you have wifi?

We do! It's fast and free! Instead of working at the office or from home, come work here with us!  

Do you offer any gluten free options?

We do! We are constantly working to expand out gluten-free items. If you have a specific item or need, please come by or call us and we can help.   

OMG your place is awesome! Can we rent it for a party?

YES you can! Please visit our Events and Rentals page for more information